Our Values

Building For You

Foray cares about what it brings to the table. We build to give back in more ways than one.


Inspired by the buildings overlooked by the traditional real estate market, we look for the unique properties that have character, stand out from the rest of the block, and have immense industry potential. From travelling, networking and staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations, we continuously learn from others to deliver new trends and technologies to the local context. We are a small part of a larger body of individuals with the goal to better our city.


Foray never goes into a project with the intention of erasing history. Our projects are about adding to the community. We develop with others in mind, determined to reignite vibrancy. New opportunities are on the horizon for Edmonton and the Greater Edmonton Area, and we want to be a part of making new history in our city — that’s why we also offer helpful consulting for any land development project. We are proud of where we live, work, and invest.


We believe everyone’s voice and perspective should be heard. We work together on equal ground to deliver your vision.


Credibility is our currency. We act with integrity toward every individual we encounter, and we aren’t afraid of humility.


We show you, not tell you, exactly what we can do.


We prioritize everyone who is impacted by our projects, from owner to tenant. Our large network of contacts and expertise applies to every project, and we constantly seek opportunities to give back to new and emerging talent in the field through mentorship.

Foray seeks out unique development opportunities to create vibrant, thriving communities at the forefront of change.